Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?
We have a desire to work with professionals who are driven to live a purpose filled life. Who are not afraid of investing in late nights and early mornings to excel in their career and believe that success is defined through their dedication and discipline to their craft. YGC clients care about high levels of quality and personalized attention and expect their personal financial plan to exemplify the same focus, dedication, and customization that defines the way they work.
I’m not rich, yet. Do I need a lot of money to work with a financial planner?
What is comprehensive financial planning?
Why did you name the firm Your Greatest Contribution?
Would you be willing to speak about personal finance stuff at my event/college/etc?
Can I work with you if I do not live in Maryland?
I'm excited and ready to schedule a meeting with YGC. How do I get started?
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