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3 Essential Components of Financial Planner Satisfaction

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There are three components financial planners need in the workplace to build a successful career. I call them the three C’s: culture, community and compensation. From an employer standpoint, strengthening these three aspects can mean higher talent retention and improved productivity. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail and see how young planners and firm owners can leverage them to achieve greater success.


Relationship building is an integral part of a firm’s workplace and one founded on mutual respect. It is important for young planners to engage in roundtable discussions within the workplace because they can learn so much from their more experienced peers. One aspect of a great firm is its building of a culture around the transference of wisdom.

In addition to feeling respected, employees crave a culture that fosters growth, be it through mentorship or ongoing opportunities for continued learning. This can come in various ways, like sending employees to conferences.


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